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enter site Look, I know what it takes to succeed in business.   I’ve been doing it for a long time now and I know what a website owner should have at their disposal.

I am so confident that this is better than anything you will find out there, I am offering a FULL REFUND for 90 DAYS.

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  • Run a Membership Site
  • Have a Full Shopping Cart
  • Marketing and Promotional Tools Included
  • Beautiful Design you can Customize.
  • Sell Digital Downloads
  • Sell Tangible Items and Personalized Items.

go to site NOW I will catch you, but I won’t do it for you for $27.00.  These do not come with instant products.   We offer catalog updates for instant products but we want you to have your store up and running first.

This week only I will start your store and make sure it is configured properly.

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6 Responses to Join The Network.

  1. I am confused. It says, in one spot, “full year for $27.00”. It mentions 90 day full refund. I am interested, but I feel there are some hidden costs here that are not being mentioned in what this web store will actually cost for a year. I think you need to be honest and let people know what expenses are/might be added.

    In another spot it says “I will catch you, but not for $27.00” . Sounds like a lot of information is missing in order to make a good business decision.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      It means you get a full year of service for 27.00 and if you don’t like it, you can get a full refund within 90 days. One is price 27, and one is the guarantee 90 Days. After 90 days it is a prorated refund. Meaning, if you use it for 6 months, you would get the 6 months you didn’t use back.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Sorry, I didn’t see your whole entire comment. Any small business model has to have away to pay for itself within the first couple of years with both growth and profit potential. Business 101. But this is 27.00 Starter Stores. We are providing rock bottom prices with no extra fees to give people a chance to succeed. That doesn’t mean we won’t have other things to offer and it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t want to purchase them. But they will be time savers more than anything.

      The only other fees you would have are merchant fees from whatever credit card service you decided to use. i suggest paypal if you don’t have a handler, and i do recommend buying your own domain name. I don’t sell them anymore but godaddy is still the cheapest.

  2. What kind of shopping cart is included? Does the website allow for unlimited product listing?

    • The core software is built upon woocommerce. It is by far one of the most versatile shopping systems.

      You are limited by space, not by listings or pages.

      Integrates with Paypal right now. It supports all major systems, but I am starting with paypal during launch because most members use them.

    • Hi Geanine,

      Since you are an Elite Member of Wrapcandy, I can give you an ad supported store to try it out, It will have a few less features, but will be fully functional.

      This is only being offered during launch and only to Elite Members of Wrapcandy.

      The Ads can be removed should you decide to purchase.

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