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Upstart Your Business
Low Cost Startup Options for full ecommerce Sites

Welcome to the Wrapcandy Upstart Network for Business.

Start your free store today* or get our recommended starter store package for only $27.00.

The Top reasons we hear for NOT Starting an online ecommerce store are price and difficulty!  Well we are tearing that wall down for you starting today.

With our 27.00 Starter Stores,  you get a fully functional store with built in standard features.   It is perfect for listing anywhere from 1 to 100 products.   Tutorials are now included.

Right here on this network you will have access to training videos, some sales tips and access to a semi private group discussion board.    Your store can be products you sell, or even affiliate products that earn you a commission.     It comes complete with a blogging system, a Question and Answer Board for your customers and robust shopping cart of your own.

* Free Stores and Blogs are available by invite*  To get an invitation, Ask for one on our Facebook Page

We will have ad revenue sharing options for those who just like to create how to guides and have interesting things to display and share.  More to come.